Black Tourmaline and Selenite Miracle Nazar Battu

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Our skillfully crafted crystal door hanging will invite crystal healing and protection to your home! Selenite has a very high vibration that promotes mental clarity and is excellent for meditation or spiritual activities, whilst Black Tourmaline is for anchoring, manifesting, and offering protection. These crystals are employed as powerful energy barriers and are believed to have strong energies.

Also known as: Evil Eye Warder

Chakra: Root, Crown Chakra

Befitting: Spirituality, Meditation, Well being

Mineral: Black Tourmaline & Selenite


● Helps to relax the mind

● Removes negativeness is in the air

● Solidifies the immune system

● Assistance in detoxification

● Balancing the mind’s right and left sides

● Enhances metabolism

● Improves faith in oneself.

● Chakras and aura are balanced

    • 1. Uncharged or without Healing

Crystals are powered by their energetic slate, with grounding and healing energies that they receive from various elements of nature- the sun, the moon, the air, and the fire. The naturally charged crystals look radiant and vibrant due to their majestic powers and the intensity of any intention placed into the crystal. Choose the best and most suitable crystal for yourself with us to prosper and shine brighter in life.

    • 2. Charged or Energized Crystal

Crystals are powered by their own healing properties. To get more effective results, they need to be charged from time to time. We at The Miracle Hub have curated special methods to get them charged with extra energy. Revive the crystal spirits and make them sparkle with us.

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