Black Obsidian And Howlite Couple Bracelets

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This is one of the most popular combinations of Bracelets among couples. These have a perfect balance of Yin and Yang and hence complement each other really well. The black obsidian crystal blocks psychic attacks, absorbs negative energies and draws out mental stress or tension. White Howlite stone helps formulate ambitions and aid in achieving them. The stone strengthens memory and teaches patience and helps to eliminate rage, pain, anger and stress. The crystals when connected together can help the partners feel more connected and strengthen the bond.

    • 1. Uncharged or without Healing

Crystals are powered by their energetic slate, with grounding and healing energies that they receive from various elements of nature- the sun, the moon, the air, and the fire. The naturally charged crystals look radiant and vibrant due to their majestic powers and the intensity of any intention placed into the crystal. Choose the best and most suitable crystal for yourself with us to prosper and shine brighter in life.

    • 2. Charged or Energized Crystal

Crystals are powered by their own healing properties. To get more effective results, they need to be charged from time to time. We at The Miracle Hub have curated special methods to get them charged with extra energy. Revive the crystal spirits and make them sparkle with us.

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